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A new approach and app for participation and co-creation with citizens and stakeholders, for urban development and other projects (policy, cultural, educational… ).

co-create better places and lives

Cities and authorities

Citizen enables you - with digital participation and a holistic approach - to consult a wider public in your projects, beyond who you reach in your physical participation events. Our approach and app are designed to support participation in many different contexts, and to go hand in hand with physical workshops and events. Citizen helps to understand the perspective of more citizens, and takes a positive approach to build with them a common project and consensus.


Join communities in your city or near your place and contribute to making it better. Citizen helps you to convey your worries, needs and great ideas about projects that matter in your life. With Citizen, the stakeholders (the citizens?) and the project team can find better solutions and build a place to live that is better for everyone. Do you want to start your own co-creation project? Contact us!

Companies and organisations

Citizen allows you to better understand stakeholder’s opinions and needs about your projects, to involve them in finding better solutions and fine-tune your plans. So you can build projects with more support that are more sustainable for you and your stakeholders.